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!adult- Gale needed an adult (count) times galeTEEHEE
!aerialaimAerial Aim Code: Q58FM
!age- Gale is now (count) years old! Kapp
!aimguide(1) - Look here for Gale's Aim Settings Guide:
!aimlabAim Lab is free to play and available on Steam for PC. If you want to train like a pro, click here:
!ana... In the darkest hour, a hero will rise. Gale picks up his biotic rifle and heads into battle...
!anatips(1) - Basic: <> 1v1 Explanation as Ana:
!banJust be glad Susie doesn’t know how to ban you.
!birthday(1) - July 19th. FeelsBirthdayMan
!bladeLook! Up in the sky! It's a bird! It's a plane! It's another nanobla- 💀
!bobSir Bobitt IV 5Head Clap
!carryPogChamp (count) teams carried PogChamp
!chair(1) - Vertagear SL2000
!clean(1) - Please keep chat clean and avoid talking trash about other players/streamers; we aim for those friendly and welcoming vibes only galeH
!comcast(1) Trash Internet. send some TriFi 's to give Gale better Internet.
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!crosshairThis is the ingame crosshair for overwatch - -
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!disintegrationToday’s stream is #sponsored by Disintegration. From Marcus Lehto, the co-creator of Halo, Disintegration combines FPS and RTS elements to put you in the pilot's seat of a weaponized Gravcycle while you command ground units to gain the upper hand in combat. Available for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Buy Now at
!disrespect(1) The only ones we disrespect around here are Doom mains and sweaty Tracers. EZ
!dog(1) - Yorkshire Terrier named Reese Wowee
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!face(1) - Face reveal on Twitter!
!favmapsow(1) - Nepal and King's Row!
!favmapsval(1) - TBD!
!follows(1) - There are currently (follows) followers!
!framedropsNope it's not just you, it's Gale's terrible ISP, Comcast. Trust us, Gale is well aware of the frame drops most of the time, in the meantime type in !comcast to help him out OkayChamp 👍
!frames(1) - Gale vs. Comcast is an ongoing battle.
!friendKappaPride GALEFRIEND & BIRDFRIEND KappaPride
!from(1) - Gale lives in Georgia, USA
!galesmom- mama_adelade is here! PogChamp Everyone on your best behavior! monkaS Kappa
!game(pointtouser) (gameinfo)
!gn(1) , Have some sweet dreams and sleep tight! galeH galeCUTE Kissahomie
!gpa(1) - Higher than Calvin's MingLee
!grubhub(touser) - Use link to save $10 off your first order of $15 or more! galeH
!headphones(1) - Logitech G Pro Headset
!height(1) - Gale is about 6'3 / 1.92m.
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!hostgaleH galeH YUUUUUUGE HOST galeH galeH Welcome! galeCOMFY
!hoursow(1) - Gale currently has 3000+ hours in Overwatch, over 1,250 on Ana alone.
!howtoplug(1) - How to use PlugDJ: 1) Ensure you have an account. 2) In the lower left corner, click the Join Wait List button. 3) In the even lower left corner, beside the pink record icon, click here. In this tab, you will create a playlist and add songs by searching in the youtube search bar. 4) Wait for your song to play!
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!ischatcuteyessir :)
!job(1) - Gale streams as his primary source of income.
!keyboardDROP Alt w/ Lubed Holy Pandas & Blank PBT Keycaps
!latestvid(1) - Newest YouTube Video: (customapi
!ldGale looks down at the start of Visor because it’s a habit of his and it’s harder to headshot him that way.
!legsMaN on a mission JogChamp
!legslocked- LEGS LOCKED #(count)
!logged- Gale now done been logged (count) times!
!merch(1) - Merch is LIVE!!! galeHYPE >> << galeHYPE featuring the new falcon logo on quality MetaThreads shirts. Ships international for only $6.
!merchinfo(1) - Any questions regarding your order contact MetaThreads directly For sizing visit Ships international, country list available on the checkout page.
!mic(1) - Shure SM7B
!monitorBenQ Zowie XL2746S 27 inch 240Hz 0.5ms
!mouse(1) - Glorious Model O
!mousefix(1) - This mousefix helps improve aim!
!mousepadZOWIE Divina GSR-SE Blue
!onlyfans(1) Big. very BIG HandsUp gachiHYPER
!overbuff(1) -
!ow(1) - About Overwatch:
!owlteams(1) - Gale likes NYXL, SF Shock, and Dallas Fuel.
!owmontages(1) - 1st: // 2nd:
!owpeak(1) - 4893 SR (#1 NA)
!owplacements(1) - DPS: 4-1 | 4346
!peak4893 S3
!playtime(pointtouser) (channelname) has been playing (game) for (playtime)
!plugdj(1) -
!pokepokes (1=random) with a stick, courtesy of (sender).
!politicsJust a friendly reminder, politics should be kept out of this Twitch chat :) If you would like to talk politics please take it to the DMs. We are all here to have a fun time and watch gale pop off like the gamers we all are galeH galeHYPE
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!promo- N/A
!rankAt the start of the season, every high level player starts at 3900 at the most. We climb from here boys!! Let’s go!
!rank1(1) -
!respect(1) Please respect the people that gale chooses to duo with. If you dislike who he plays with either keep that to yourself or do not watch the stream.
!rules(1) - 1. Don't be toxic <> 2. Don't insult other streamers in my chat <> 3. No self promo <> 4. Please chat in English!
!ryu(1) - Gale has an immense amount of respect for Ryujehong and thinks he's an amazing player. They have even duo'd together:
!sayhiCHAT!! Say hi to @jordanfairlive or BOP
!sc(1) - Go to and search Gale_Adelade to join!
!seenHandsUp We've seen it (count) times! gachiBASS
!sens1600 DPI Ingame: 2, 45 Scoped, 60 Ashe Scoped
!settings(1) - all low
!settingsow(1) - - Resolution: 1920x1080; Render Scale: 75%; Graphics all set to low. Recommended 75% render scale reduces input lag while also maximizing fps.
!shungiteAnyways uhm... I bought a whole bunch of shungite, rocks, do you know what shungite is? Anybody know what shungite is. No, not Suge Knight, I think he’s locked up in prison. Talking shungite. Anyways, its a 2 billion year old like rock, stone that protects against frequencies and unwanted frequencies that may be traveling in the air. So thats my story. I bought a whole bunch of stuff, put them around the la casa. Little pyramids. Stuff like that.
!sleepdartResidentSleeper (sender) slept (1=random) ResidentSleeper
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!specs(1) - GPU: NVIDIA RTX 2080 // CPU: Intel i9-9900k // 16GB RAM
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!takYEP Tak
!title(pointtouser) (titleinfo)
!topmodAll of Gale's mods are fantastic people.
!travisscottWhat's up world? Yeah, you! I'm Travis Scott, this is my McDonald's order. Follow me! There's my Quarter Pounder™️ with lettuce, pickles, onions, ketchup, mustard, and bacon. (Yeah!) Here's my fries. Sometimes, I do this... then I dip them into barbecue sauce. Oh yeah, and my Sprite. (It's Lit!) Same order since back in Houston. You could try it too. Gotta go! The Travis Scott meal, just $6. Say Cactus Jack sent you.
!tsm(1) - Gale became a streamer for TSM on May 19th, 2017! Original announcement:
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!valorantAt this time Gale has opted to not stream Valorant. Stream snipers and some other factors have weighed into his decision. Thank you for understanding.
!valorantranks(1) -
!welcomeWelcome to Gale_Adelade's stream and community. Gale plays mostly Overwatch, but he plays other games sometimes too. We are glad you're here! <3
!whoJoystick KomodoU
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