!2cpDansGame 2cp infected (count) people with cancer DansGame
!acon(1) - Acon_: 🍉
!ads(1) - Gale has to play ads because of his agreement with TSM // Sub for ad-free viewing galeEZ
!adult- Gale needed an adult (count) times galeTEEHEE
!age- Gale is now (count) years old! Kapp
!aimguide(1) - Look here for Gale's Aim Settings Guide:
!anabuffs(1) - Nano Boost additionally heals the target instantly for 300 HP | Forum Post:
!antiGale has thrown (count) huge anti nades! galeHYPE
!attackSwiftRage ATTACK THE OBJECTIVE SwiftRage
!bagooPepoDance Bagoo PepoDance Bagoo PepoDance Bagoo PepoDance Bagoo PepoDance Bagoo PepoDance Bagoo PepoDance
!birthday(1) - July 19th. FeelsBirthdayMan
!camflip(1) - Gale is not left-handed, the webcam is mirrored, giving it that appearance.
!carryPogChamp (count) teams carried PogChamp
!chair(1) - Vertagear SL2000.
!commands(1) - You can find the chat bot commands here: galeSALUTE
!compete(1) - Gale is currently uninterested in joining an OWL team.
!defendSwiftRage DEFEND THE OBJECTIVE SwiftRage
!deljunkFeelsGoodMan Junkrat has been deleted (count) times! FeelsGoodMan
!discord(1) - Come hangout, the Discord server is open to everyone! -
!discordsub(1) - How to link Twitch to Discord to get Sub role:
!dog(1) - Yorkshire Terrier named Reese Wowee
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!duoKabaji galeEZ
!eatenNotLikeThis (count) nades have been eaten NotLikeThis
!editor- The Mr. Homozoned edits Gale's YouTube videos:
!endorseBabyRage EnDoRsE mEeEeEeEeE BabyRage
!evasive(1) -
!face(1) - Face reveal on Twitter!
!facecamCurrently putting it on hold, not sure what I'm doing with it.
!favmaps(1) - Nepal and King's Row. galeCHAMP
!follows(1) - There are currently (follows) followers!
!friendKappaPride GALEFRIEND & BIRDFRIEND KappaPride
!from(1) - Gale lives in Georgia, USA
!galesmom- OMG mama_adelade is in the stream PogChamp
!galorade(1) - Drink Galorade and become a B O O S T E D animal today! Pepega
!game(pointtouser) (gameinfo)
!genjiBabyRage I NEED HEALING BabyRage
!gold- All of them EZ Clap
!gpa(1) - Higher than Calvin's MingLee
!grubhub- Use link to save $10 off your first order of $15 or more! galeTSM galeHYPE
!headphones(1) - Logitech G Pro Headset
!height(1) - Gale is about 6'3 / 1.92m.
!hostPogChamp YUUUGE HOST PogChamp
!hoursGale currently has 2,500+ hours in Overwatch, over 1,000 on Ana alone.
!howtoplug- How to use PlugDj: 1) Ensure you have an account. 2) In the lower left corner, click the Join Wait List button. 3) In the even lower left corner, beside the pink record icon, click here. In this tab, you will create a playlist and add songs by searching in the youtube search bar. 4) Wait for your song to play! If this doesn't help, watch a Youtube tutorial galeSALUTE
!hug- galeHUG (1=random)
!hypegaleHYPE galeDAB galeHYPE galeH NEW SUB galeH galeHYPE galeDAB galeHYPE
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!job(1) - Gale streams as his primary source of income.
!kephriismom- OMG kephriis_fan_club is in the stream PogChamp
!keyboardSteelseries Apex Pro
!latestvid(1) - Newest YouTube Video: (customapi
!lucio- "This Lucio is a raid boss!" - Gale
!lunarDansGame HORIZON LUNAR DansGame
!mei- "I'm playing cancer!' -Gale
!micShure SM7B
!monitorAORUS KD25F
!mouseLogitech G Pro Rare TSM White Version (Hyperglide Modified)
!mousefix(1) - This mousefix helps improve aim!
!mousepadArtisan Ninja FX ZERO XSOFT XLARGE
!nogold(1) - Gale likes to appreciate the OWL team skins without the gold weapon.
!notana(1) - Gale still mains Ana. You probably just missed it galeGUN galeSmile
!notow(1) - Gale still plays OW almost every stream. You probably just missed it galeEZ
!oldmains(1) - Before Ana, Gale mained DPS heroes such as Soldier, McCree, Widow, etc.
!ouchmyarmBrokeBack Ana has broken her arm (count) times! PogChamp
!overbuff(1) -
!owl(1) - Overwatch League Dates (S1 in LA): // Watch:
!owlteams(1) - Gale likes NYXL, SF Shock, and Dallas Fuel.
!peak(1) - 4893 SR (#1 NA)
!penislength- Too big gachiBASS
!peripherals(1) - Mouse: Logitech G Pro Wireless; Keyboard: Logitech G Pro; Monitor: BenQ XL2411Z, 144hz.
!placementsSeason 18 || DPS: 3W-2L || PLACED: 4298
!playanaN OMEGALUL x2
!playtime(pointtouser) (channelname) has been playing (game) for (playtime)
!plugdj(1) -
!pokepokes (1=random) with a stick, courtesy of (sender).
!primeDid you know you could connect your Amazon Prime to your Twitch account and subscribe to your favorite streamer every month for free?
!promo- N/A
!rank1(1) -
!reticle(1) - You can see the crosshair settings here:
!roe(1) - Find out more about Ring of Elysium:
!ryu(1) - Gale has an immense amount of respect for Ryujehong and thinks he's an amazing player. They have even duo'd together: galeEZ
!school(1) - Gale attends online courses and is a senior in high school this year.
!scrollspeed(1) - 6.
!seenHandsUp We've seen it (count) times! gachiBASS
!sens400 DPI, Overwatch: 8.55 In-game, 45 Scoped, 100 Nano sens. Ashe Scope Sens 60 | Apex sens: 400 DPI, 2.5 In-game, 1.3 ADS, 104 FOV
!settings- Resolution: 1920x1080; Render Scale: 75%; Graphics all set to low. Recommended 75% render scale reduces input lag while also maximizing fps.
!sevenSwiftRage SEVEN MINUTES SwiftRage
!shatter- Is it big?! - Gale
!sickYes, Gale is sick. That is also why he sounds different galeSmile
!skin(1) - The skin I like the most is Snow Owl, but I also love Merciful. However, I sometimes bust out a game with Peridot on very special occasions as it is the best skin for Ana, hands down.
!slayedgachiGASM Winston has been slayed (count) times gachiGASM
!sleepdartResidentSleeper (sender) slept (1=random) ResidentSleeper
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!social2(1) - Add Gale on Snapchat: gale_adelade // Follow Gale on Instagram:
!specs(1) - GPU: Asus NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 Founder's Edition, CPU: Intel i7-4790k, Motherboard: Asus Black Rampage IV. Gale built the computer himself.
!squashed- Gale has been mercilessly squashed (count) times galeTEEHEE
!srHigher than yours PermaSmug
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!subtemberAll Tier 1 subs 50% off!
!teamBabyRage TEAMMMMMMM!!! BabyRage
!tips(1) - Basic: // 1v1 Explanation as Ana:
!title(pointtouser) (titleinfo)
!tsm(1) - As of May 19th, 2017, Gale is officially a streamer for Team SoloMid!
!twitter(1) - Check out Gale's Twitter!
!youtube(1) - You can find Gale's YouTube channel here:
!ytplaylist(1) - Here's a link to Gale's Playlist: